Your Role in the Kingdom

Many scriptures speak about the coming Kingdom of God. This is a place all believers want to go. What will it be like when we get there? Who will be in the Kingdom with us? The prophet Zechariah implies at the end of his book that Egyptians and even other nations will be in the Kingdom with a choice to obey the Word of God. We need to understand that the Kingdom of God is bigger than just the Remnant of Israel. If we desire to be citizens of that Kingdom, we must learn to live as if the Kingdom is now. This begins by eliminating the in-fighting between the tribes of Israel and recognizing all who live by Judeo-Christian values and profess Yeshua as their LORD to be fellow sons of God and heirs to the Kingdom. As children of Israel, we must set the example for the nations to walk in the presence of God.  Rather than being invited guests at the table of the Master of the universe, may our role be as the servants of the King who gathers the guests to the feast before the Kingdom comes.

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