Large Yemenite Half-Polished Shofar 39-41"

A Shofar is a natural instrument made from animal horn that has been in use since Biblical times. The shofar is mentioned frequently in the Hebrew Bible. It was a shofar blast that emanated from the thick cloud on Mount Sinai and made the Israelites tremble in awe (Exodus 19-20). The shofar was used the announce holidays (Psalms 81:4), to sound in the New Year (Leviticus 7:9), in procession with the Ark of the Covenant (II Samuel 6:15, I Chronicles 15:28), to signify war (Joshua 6:4, Judges 3:27), and just as a beautiful musical instrument (Psalms 98:6, 47:5).

Yemenite shofars can be quite spectacular; they are elongated spirals in shape and have a deep resonance which some liken to an echo off a mountain. The Yemenite Shofar is a shofar made from the kudu. The kudu is a large antelope with long curled horns. 

*Please Note:* These shofars are Half-polished. Along the length of the shofar half of the husk, the rugged texture of the horn, is removed and polished. The remainder of the husk is cleaned and left intact with minor sanding. Please handle with care, as the rugged texture on the shofar can have sharp or jagged edges. 

The size of the shofar is determined by measuring outside around the spiral, not the overall length. ** Note: the inches are only approximate! **

Please note: the product you receive may vary slightly in color from the illustration.

Product is kosher and made in Israel.


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Type: Shofar

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