Who May Ascend?

Having seen a growing lack of Scripture-based lyrics in the worship music of today, Andrew Hodkinson has a desire to restore the Psalms, which any Jew and Christian can sing in unity. Writing music to the Psalms has not only begun reviving the Father’s song book, but has exposed people to large portions of the Word. He has found in the Psalms a treasure-trove of lyrics found in poetic writings, wisdom teachings, heartfelt laments and passionate praise.

  1. Sounds The Ram's Horn (based on Psalm 81)
  2. They Are Blessed (based on Psalm 84)
  3.  For I Know Jehovah Is Great (based on Psalm 135)
  4. Out Of The Depths (based on Psalm 130)
  5. Jehovah Is My Shepherd (based on Psalm 23)
  6. Who May Ascend? (based on Psalm 24)
  7. Unless Jehovah Builds The House (based on Psalm 127)
  8. Blessed Are Those Who Dwell In Your House (based on Psalm 84)

Type: Music CD

Vendor: Andrew Hodkinson