What is the Gospel? (English)

In this teaching you will be learning about the Gospel Message and how the Gospel is not a new biblical principle that started with Yahshua. The Messiah came to accomplish what Adam failed to fulfill. As believers in Yahshua, we have being preaching the GOSPEL but many people do not know to whom the “good news” is to be preached to. Did you know the word in Hebrew for “flesh” is the same as “good news” in Isaiah 61:1? The Hebrew word “Basar” means flesh in regards to Eve in the Garden, and in Isaiah 61:1 it is used as “good news.” That implies that the good news (flesh) is the Bride of Messiah which is Israel. In this teaching you will hear how the whole plan of Salvation have been outlined since the beginning and that Israel is the Flesh of His Flesh that Yahshua came to restore once and for all.

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