Trees of Righteousness Part 1 (Digital Download MP3)

This teaching should be able to help us understand why the bible uses tree metaphors in reference to Israel and humanity. The bible says we are planted in the house of the Lord in Psalms 92, Romans 11 says we are grafted into the Olive tree. Why did Messiah use tree language in his parables? Why Rav Shaul used tree metaphors in the apostolic writings? Rico will share ancient near eastern context to the importance of temple language related to the garden in Eden and Adam as the gardener. Cultural background context is fundamental for us to see in scriptures the language of these metaphors in the biblical narrative. Learn what it means to be the seed of Abraham, Israel is the olive tree, Judah is the good vine and why we’re trees connected to kingship in the ancient world. (MP3 Download 1 of 2)