Torah Puppets - Seed of Promise

Meet the Torah Puppets! A show in the vein of "Sesame Street" that teaches Messianic/Biblical principles in a fun and friendly way that your children will enjoy. This DVD contains 3 episodes of Torah Puppets

Stay Close ­­- Baby BooHoo learns the Adam Family Promise, while Grampa Gus learns to stay close to the Shield of Faith!

The Rest of the Story -­­ Bearry and the Grateful Dude go back to the days of Noah to discover the rest of the Flood story!

Get Out! - Just how did a stampede get started in the African Savannah, and just how does special guest Deacon Mars Shean get into a Lot of trouble? Ask Rabbi Trail!

Each episode is approximately 30 minutes in length (1 Video DVD)

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Type: DVD

Vendor: Torah Puppets