To Eat or Not To Eat (DVD)

Modern science is finally catching up to what God said in His Word thousands of years ago.  Studies have presented conclusive evidence which reveal that there are serious health risks associated in going outside of God’s dietary boundaries.  It has recently been proven that there is a direct correlation between diet and disease.  It appears that God told us not to eat unclean animals for good reason.  Most unclean animals are harbourers of parasites, disease, and are extremely high in toxicity.  So did the work of the cross change the metabolic structure of all unclean animals?

In this teaching Jim Staley unpacks every single verse taken out of context to support the consumption of unclean animals.  By the end of this teaching there will be no doubt in your mind that we have been reading our denominational bias into scripture.  You will learn the health risks associated to breaking God’s
dietary instructions and why so many believers today partake of “diseases of Egypt” which scripture warned us about (Deut. 28).  This teaching will dramatically affect the way you look at food forever. (1 Video DVD)