They Walked Toward the Promises

By Mikell Clayton

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live during the time of the Scripture?  

In “They Walked Toward the Promises,” join Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, and others as they walk their lives out before a great and awesome God.  Walk with Abraham on a long journey to Mount Moriah as he holds to his faith that God would provide.  Stand with Joseph as he sees his brothers enter before him without a clue of who he is.  Walk with Moses as he leads the Hebrews from Egypt to the bank of the Jordan River. Stand in awe with Joshua as the mantle of leadership is passed to him.  

Consider the paths of the greatest men and women of faith who walked toward promises they would never see; that is, not without us.

“The Walked Toward the Promises” may be read alongside the annual Torah Cycle or on its own.

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