The Many Roles of Yeshua

In this teaching, Ephraim describes the various roles that Yeshua embodies in our faith and the works He did on this Earth. Yeshua was called many things in Scripture. He is the Good Shepherd and the Son of God. He is our King but He is also the Prince of Peace. He is our mediator between us and God in the Role of High Priest. He is our advocate while being an ambassador to the Most High. He is our savior and the Messiah. He also presents Himself to His disciples as a servant. Every Role that Yeshua portrays is important to our faith in Him and to the plan of God. Unfortunately we have a tendency to pick our favorite and emphasize one role over another. We must learn to not diminish the power of our Messiah by limiting our understanding of All that Yeshua did and is doing for us.

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