The Jewish View of the Godhead (Is Yeshua YHVH? Series) DVD

From a Jewish perspective, the God of Israel is 'Ein Sof' (without definition). 'Ein Sof' is explained in human terms to manifest Himself to the natural world by causing His eternal light to become a prism. This prism that reveals the attributes of 'Ein Sof' and His Will in creation is known as 'Sefirot.' There are ten 'Sefirot' which are called the 'Tree of Life.' They form three pillars which represent the 'Godhead.' The middle pillar of the Godhead is known as 'Metatron' and the 'Son of God' and is the invisible image of 'Ein Sof.' The Jewish view of 'Metatron' matches descriptions of Yeshua in the New Testament. The numeral value of the attributes of the middle pillar of the Godhead is 26 which is the numeral value for YHVH. In Yeshua dwells the fullness of the Godhead bodily (Colossians 2:9). (1 Video DVD)

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