Tabernacles 20 Anniversary Teaching Set - Volume 4

10 great teachings from the last 20 years of Tabernacles from Brad Scott, Monte Judah, Rico Cortes, Eddie Chumney, Bill Cloud, & Brad Scott. Some of these teachings have never been re-released until now!

    1-2. Commandments of the Sabbath (Parts 1-2) by Monte Judah
    3. One Torah One People by Rico Cortes
    4. Cornelius by Rico Cortes
    5. The Principle of the Seed by Brad Scott
    6-7. Creation vs Evolution  (Parts 1-2) by Brad Scott
    8. God is Smarter Than We Are by Brad Scott
    9. Tabernacles: The Purpose of Creation by Eddie Chumney
    10. B'resheet by Bill Cloud

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