Tabernacles 20 Anniversary Teaching Set - Volume 1

10 great teachings from the last 20 years of Tabernacles from Brad Scott, Monte Judah, Rico Cortes, Eddie Chumney, Dr. Dinah Dye, Bill Cloud, Ed Harris, & Daniel Musson. Some of these teachings have never been re-released until now!

  1. What We Learn at Tabernacles by Monte Judah
  2. Voices in the Wilderness (Parts 1-2) by Bill Cloud
  3. Beware the Leaven of the Pharisees by Brad Scott
  4. Are We The People? by Ed Harris
  5. The Power of the Heavenly Waters by Rico Cortes
  6. Moses and Joshua by Monte Judah
  7. The Blood of Bulls and Goats by Daniel Musson
  8. Honor-Status Reversal by Rico Cortes
  9. Why Are Jacob’s Tents so Good? by Eddie Chumney
  10. On This Mountain by Dr. Dinah Dye

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