Tabernacles 20 Anniversary Teaching Set - Volume 2

10 great teachings from the last 20 years of Tabernacles from Brad Scott, Monte Judah, Rico Cortes, Eddie Chumney, Dr. Dinah Dye, Mike Clayton, Lex Meyer, & Dr Jeff Coffman. Some of these teachings have never been re-released until now!

  1. Is Yeshua the True Messiah of Israel? by Rico Cortes
  2. The Great Resurrection by Lex Meyer
  3. The Intermost Parts of a Believer by Monte Judah
  4. The Ruach and the Olive Tree by Brad Scott
  5. Sukkot and the Clouds of Glory by Eddie Chumney
  6. The Gift of Eternal Life by Monte Judah
  7. Without Torah, You’re Nuts by Dr. Jeff Coffman
  8. The Place of His Presence by Dr. Dinah Dye
  9. Yeshua the Son of Man, The Son of God - Part 1 by Mike Clayton
  10. Yeshua the Son of Man, The Son of God - Part 2 by Mike Clayton

10 Audio CDs

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