Shema & the Unity of the Godhead (Is Yeshua YHVH? Series) DVD

The Hebrew word 'Shema' (hear, do, obey) can mean 'to gather together or to be united.' In the Zohar, it explains that the Shema (Deuteronomy 6:4) reveals that YHVH is a unity. The Zohar further explains that the summation of the entire Torah is knowing that YHVH is Elohim. Therefore, the fulfillment of the Shema is when Israel and the nations know that YHVH and His name is a unity. When the exile is over and we enter into the Messianic Era, Israel and the nations will know that YHVH is a unity, His name is a unity and that YHVH is Elohim. (1 Video DVD)

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