Romans - For or Against Torah?

In traditional Christianity, Paul’s letter to Rome is often quoted to try to prove the doctrine that when Yeshua died, He nailed the law to the cross. Some of the Scriptural verses which they quote to make this claim are: Romans 3:19-21, 6:14, 7:4, 10:4, 14:5-6, 14. As a result, they conclude that followers of Yeshua today do not need to keep the weekly Sabbath, the annual Biblical holidays or the dietary laws. However, in other verses in Romans, Paul seems to make positive statements about the Torah. For example: Romans 2:13, 3:31, 7:12,14,22,25, 8:4,7. So which it? Is Paul for or against the Torah? How can we explain Romans from a Torah-based Hebraic perspective? Eddie will unravel the mystery in this powerful, fascinating, insightful, comprehensive and well-researched study.

 (4 Video DVDs)

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