Remembering God in the Times of Oppression DVD

The story of Ruth is significant for the body of Messiah, as it teaches us about righteousness and justice. Ruth, a widow, was willing to help another widow despite the fact that she knew that she herself would never be considered an honorable woman. In the Ancient Near East, widows had limited options to survive after the passing of their husbands. Without the covering of a husband, widows either turned to prostitution to survive, or sold themselves into slavery. Despite the adversity Ruth faced, she turned away from her identity, her people, and her gods and took an oath of loyalty to the God of Naomi. The story of Ruth reveals the true character of this woman who dedicated her life to the care of a fellow widow. God showed favor and reciprocity towards her by allowing Boaz to redeem her and bring her into his family. This teaching will help us see how we, as Israel, must always remember that acts of kindness will open the doors of blessing and our honorable actions will bring honor to the name of God.

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