New Birth Messiah's Return CD

New Birth Messiah's Return by Stuart Croxford Neale fuses contemporary and traditional styles to create music that will inspire and encourage almost any believer. Stuart's ability to approach Scripture as a psalmist would brings a fresh, uplifting melody that will be sure to strengthen your walk with Messiah.

  1. Lion of Yehudah
  2. Song of Fire
  3. Passing of this Age
  4. Spirit of Adonai
  5. For Yours is the Glory
  6. Song of Mosheh, Song the Lamb
  7. Warrior Bride, Eagles Rising
  8. I Am, Says the Lord
  9. Hand of Yahweh
  10. One Day in Your House
  11. Messiah’s Reward
  12. Blood of Christ

1 Music CD, 12 tracks