Redemption of the Prodigal Son DVD

In this teaching, Rico will connect the parable of the Prodigal Son to the Biblical principle of kinship (brotherhood). In the Ancient Near-East, the importance of family relationships and kinship was paramount to one's honor. For an individual, a kinship relationship guarantees loyalty, provision, protection, and redemption forever. This also ensured protection for the family, tribe, clan, or near-of-kin. This was a foundational principle in the culture of the time.

You will learn how our Heavenly Father entered into a kinship relationship with Abraham; giving him all the benefits of being in the family of YHVH. Patterns of this relationship are seen when Joseph tested the loyalty and kinship of his brothers to Benjamin before he revealed himself and extended blessing to them. We see another example of kinship in the book of Ruth when Boaz was the kinsman redeemer for his brother by marrying Ruth and continuing the lineage of his kin. Yeshua our Messiah is also the kinsman redeemer for Adam, restoring honor to Israel and all of humanity. Though we have sinned and gone astray, may we return to the Master's house and receive restoration and redemption given to us by the King of the Universe.

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