Preparing for Pentecost - Your journey through the spring feasts

Each of the Biblical Feast holds a treasure of knowledge that teaches us how to have relationship with our Creator, YHWH.  Shavuot, the last of the spring feasts commemorates the giving of the Torah to the chosen people of Israel and the release of the Ruach HaKodesh in the Acts of The Apostles. It is vital that we understand not only the significance of the Feast of Pentecost but also how we can prepare ourselves to receive the enduring gift of the Ruach HaKodesh into our lives.

As we anticipate this celebration, this six CD audio series will highlight different areas that will help us to be ready to receive the gift especially provided for us!

  • Preparation for Pentecost – Holy Ones (I and II)
  • Disposing the Opposer
  • 49 Days of Refinement
  • Looking Up! Preparation for Pentecost
  • Chesed and Sin – Pentecost

(6 Audio CDs)

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