Leaven of Heaven?

If you have participated in more than one Passover, chances are that you have heard the word "leaven" used as a metaphoric symbol to represent sin. The process of removing leaven from our homes during the season of the Feast of Unleavened Bread is typically used as a teaching tool to convey to us that we need to remove sin from our lives. If that is the case, what, then, was Yeshua saying about the kingdom of heaven in verses like Luke 13:20-21 and Matthew 13:31-33 when He compares the kingdom to leaven? Was He saying that there is sin in the kingdom of heaven? Of course not. But He DOES say that the kingdom is like leaven in these verses. So if leaven doesn't represent sin, what is He attempting to communicate to us?

Join Daniel for an in-depth discussion about the topic of leaven and how we might want to take a fresh look at our perspective on this topic. 

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