Ketubah - Covenant Principles

A threefold cord is not easily broken. The principle of covenant is a powerful key to unlocking our divine destiny and purpose. It is through the understanding of covenant that we can access the benefits of establishing and living a holy life.  

Ketubah is a practical and spiritual look at the relationship between YHWH and His Bride as well as the natural relationship between a husband and his wife. More than just another sermon on marriage, this series connects the impact of early church history and its effect on how the modern day church views and relates to God.

With emphasis on the Hebraic use of the Ketubah this compelling audio teaching illustrates the significance of this covenant marriage contract. These sessions hold powerful principles that will benefit both married and single people alike.

If you are ready to have a vibrant fulfilling relationship beyond religion then it’s time to get to know the covenant given by the Bridegroom…the Ketubah.

2 Audio CDs

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