Jesus Loves the Temple

Did you know that when Jesus cleared out the Temple courts the gospels recount, “Zeal for the House consumed Him?” Did you know that when Jesus was lost in Jerusalem for three days as a twelve-year-old, he assumed His parents would look for Him in the Temple? Did you know that Jesus told His disciples He was going to prepare rooms for them in the Temple?

With the return of the Jewish people to their land in 1948 after two thousand years of exile and the return of the Temple Mount to Jewish hands in 1967, Christianity has been forced to deal with re-examining theological issues thought long settled with the absence of the Jewish people from their land. Among these issues are Christian Zionism, Replacement Theology, and now, the need for a Temple in Jerusalem. Join Benjamin Hilton as he takes a fresh look at the issue through the lens of the Christian tradition, Jewish thought, Scripture, and Jesus Himself.


Book - 165 pages

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