How To Have Shalom In Your Home (DVD)

Nothing is more powerful and satisfying in life than having shalom (peace) in your home (your life), and nothing is more miserable than having the opposite.  This series cuts right to the heart of the problems that you are facing in your
relationships and gives you true, Biblical solutions to “restore what the locusts have eaten.”  If we want to have true success in our life (home), we simply need to retrieve the tools that are missing to rebuild it!

One small hole in a water pipe can flood an entire house...when you find the hole and fix it, the entire house can be saved.  Countless relationships have been
encouraged, restored, and in some cases completely resurrected as a result of this series.  This powerful teaching will revolutionize your relationships on every level and is the answer to what you have been praying for!  This life-transforming series reveals both the problem and the solution in an articulate, Biblical, and humorous way and will leave you with what you truly desire:  Shalom in Your Home! (3 Video DVD's)