Facing Jerusalem

Christianity is in trouble. Every day our faith is attacked and often watered down. Those who are zealous for the faith which was found in the first century church are few in number or choose to stay silent. Many young people are leaving the faith of their childhood to chase the dream of this world.

If we look carefully at the Bible, we find that God gives us hope through an ancient prayer. This prayer unlocks the door to forgiveness and God’s favor in our lives. It all goes back to the dedication of a Temple in Jerusalem. In this story, Solomon prays a famous prayer that is often quoted in the Christian world anytime there is a cry for God to heal their land. Most often, however, the key ingredient is left out – facing Jerusalem.

Drawing from the authors’ many years of working in Israel, and filled with personal stories, this book paints a beautiful picture of how all believers should care about and recognize Jerusalem’s key role in the redemption of the world.


Book - 137 Pages

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