Enmity Between the Seeds

By Bill Cloud

In the beginning, God placed enmity between the woman's seed and the seed of the serpent, thereby ensuring that there would be no mingling between the two. Yet, as Bill will show, the serpent has been trying to do exactly that, and moreover, has attempted throughout history to reverse the decision made against him in Genesis 3 by crushing the head of the woman's seed. By thoroughly researching the Hebrew text, Bill Cloud will show just how the war between the seeds began, how it affected principal characters in the Bible, and how the current War on Terror may be revealed in the opening passages of Genesis. In this book you will learn: Why God conceals truths within Scripture to be revealed in their time. What Cain and Abel teach about the end of days. What identifies the seed of the serpent. How the War on Terror may be revealed in the beginning.

(Paperback - 204 Pages)

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