Covenant of the Threshold DVD

Have you ever wondered why the children of Israel were instructed to put the blood of a lamb on the door posts and lintel of their homes during the original Passover? Yes, those houses with the blood were "passed over" by the plague of the death of the first born but did you know there was a more significant meaning to this ritual? Did you know there was an ancient Middle-Eastern custom called the Covenant of the Threshold? When a special guest would come to a house, an animal would be killed on the threshold of the home and when the guest stepped over the threshold of that house, then he became a full member of that family. When Yeshua died and His blood was spilled on the ground of the Mount of Olives, His blood was literally poured out at the threshold of the House of YHVH. You will never look at Passover the same way after you hear this teaching. You will learn how the Passover is the covenantal meal that makes you a full member of the household of Yah. I pray this teaching will bless you as it has blessed my personal relationship with my King.

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