Is God a Misogynist? by David Wilber

Secular feminists claim that Christianity is a misogynistic religion and that the Bible is bad for women. Are these claims true? Would women be better off if we all became atheists? Is the God of the Bible portrayed as a sexist who prescribes female inferiority by divine decree? What does the Bible actually teach about the value and personhood of women?

David Wilber's book, Is God a Misogynist: Understanding the Bible's Difficult Passages Concerning Women, explores these questions and uncovers God's true heart toward women as revealed in the Scriptures. This book addresses common objections to the Bible from modern feminism—does the Bible really endorse polygamy, sanction rape, regard women as property, etc.?—in addition to bringing correction to unbiblical doctrines that are pushed by some segments of the Church. Wilber's thoughtful and balanced approach to the Scriptures helps the reader understand how to reconcile difficult passages with the goodness of God, who has revealed Himself to be a lover and protector of women.

(Paperback - 146 Pages)

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