42 Journeys in the Wilderness

Moses was commanded by the LORD to record the 42 camping places in Numbers 33 as the Children of Israel journeyed from Egypt to the Promised Land. The significance of each place is not based on its geographic location, but on the events that occurred there. The meanings of the ancient Hebrew names of these places give us insight into knowing the LORD's plan for our lives today as well as what we may face in preparation for the Second Coming.

This comprehensive study on the 42 camping places of the Children of Israel includes maps and possible routes for the Exodus journey as well as an in-depth look at each location. From the very beginning, you will see the patterns and parallels to other teachings and other parts of Scripture. You will find that the number "42" and the wanderings of the Children of Israel have more to do with your spiritual walk with YHVH than you had ever thought possible. I pray this message is uplifting and brings blessing to the Body of Messiah.
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