2017 Shavuot Audio Teaching Set - DVD

Contains 13 video teachings by Monte JudahEd Harris, Daniel MussonDaniel McGirr, Chris Knight, and Ephraim Judah. Recorded LIVE from the Shavuot - Day of Proclamation conference in Norman, OK hosted by Lion & Lamb Ministries.

  1. Basics of the Law By Monte Judah
  2. Yeshua - His Name, His Authority By Ed Harris
  3. Forgiveness - The Final Preparation By Ed Harris
  4. Unity for Shavuot By Ed Harris
  5. Messianic Apologetics I By Daniel Musson
  6. Messianic Apologetics II By Daniel Musson
  7. Messianic Apologetics III By Daniel Musson
  8. The Feast of Shavuot By Daniel Musson
  9. Boundry Stones By Daniel McGirr
  10. The Change Agent By Daniel McGirr
  11. Psalm 23 and Shavuot By Daniel McGirr
  12. Tongues of Fire By Chris Knight
  13. Giving of the Law, Giving of the Spirit By Ephraim Judah

    13 Video DVDs

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    Vendor: Lion and Lamb Ministries