12"-14" Natural Shofar | Rams Horn

  • GENUINE RAM’S HORN- This instrument resembles a trumpet however it is all natural made from Genuine Rams horn. Each Shofar is handmade, the production is performed using old and traditional techniques combined with modern techniques, all under very strict supervision to ensure the quality and kashruth of the shofars.
  • INCLUDES SHOFAR BAG AND BLOWING GUIDE- Each Purchase includes a free Velvet like Drawstring Shofar Bag to protect your shofar it also includes a Shofar Blowing Guide with instructions how to blow and take care of your shofar.
  • SMOOTH MOUTHPIECE FOR EASY BLOWING- This natural look polished Shofar has a smooth interior for easy blowing, all shofars are checked to make sure they have a great sound by special shofar experts.
  • CLEAN and ODORLESS- Once the horn arrives at the factory, it is sterilized and cleaned to guarantee that every shofar is completely clean and odorless. These Shofars are authentic and each of them has its own one-of-a-kind unique beauty.
  • KOSHER CERTIFIED- This Shofar Horn is Kosher Certified and imported from Israel, each shofar is handpicked and tested to ensure that you get the highest quality Shofar.

Please allow up to 4 extra days for shipping and handling due to the package and shipping of this item.