Shuv Once Again Worship CD by Shilo Ben Hod

This is the worship album that brings you closer to Yeshua. This Israeli worship will help you realize that this world has nothing to offer you – in relation to what God already has given you.

Let go of your search for fame or gold. Fear no longer has any power over you, from the moment you can sing from your heart: It is enough to be Your son.

All songs in Hebrew from this dynamic Israeli worship artist, Shilo Ben Hod. Shilo is part of the Fellowship of Artists, an Israeli worship label with a vision to support and produce worship music for Israelis and the whole world!

  1. Enough for Me
  2. The Hope
  3. The Rock of Israel
  4. I Know
  5. You Were There
  6. Before
  7. Everything that is Missing
  8. God Full of Passion
  9. At Your Home
  10. He’s Been Good to me
  11. Once Again

1 Music CD, 11 tracks