Restoration of Honor DVD

In my journey of the study of the first century writings, I discovered a lack of understanding we have about the context of imperial power in first century Rome. I never considered the meaning of this type of punishment, neither the political nature the cross represented at the time of Yeshua. The imperial power of Rome used the method of crucifixion to instill terror in the people and at the same time to shame the person and his family name. Israel suffered shame among the nations due to disobeying the Covenant. In the Eastern world, a person would rather die than live in shame, and Israel's dispersion was a sign of deep shame. You see this by the words used to describe their spiritual state as naked, unclean, prostitute, scattered.

So, the question is, how was the status of shame reversed into a state of honor? How does a gentile be in a state of shame and receive honor to be given the right to be called the son of Elohim?

I will describe to you how Yeshua suffered and what happens to the body physically on the cross, and then we will see why the Romans used this method of punishment to declare imperial power and how Yeshua, by taking our shame and Adonai resurrecting Him from the dead, not only defeated death but sent a message to anyone who believed that the power of Rome was eternal. In turn, we who believe are no longer in a state of shame, but there is an Honor status reversal from Shame to Honor. Knowing that our Messiah took the shame of the cross so that I (we) can enjoy honor in the kingdom of Elohim is overwhelming for me and I am grateful to Elohim for such an honor.
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