Mystery of the Alef Tav - Wisdom in Bereshit (English)

An age-old question is WHO IS THE ALEF & TAV? Many people do not know the Biblical answer and cannot prove it thru scriptures alone. By the reading of the Brit- Hahadasha, you get a glimpse of the Mystery. In the Book of Revelation you get the Messiah revealing Himself as the First and the Last or the ALPHA & OMEGA. But, where is the evidence in the Tenack(scriptures)? Can we as believers in Messiah prove that Yahshua is the Alef & Tav? The understanding of the Hebrew Scriptures reveals many secrets. In the first word of the Bible we can find a treasure of information about the plan and the restoration of the Household of YHVH. In this study you will get a better understanding of how awesome the Hebrew language is, and how YHVH already determined the END from the BEGINNING.

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