2016 Shavuot Audio Teaching Set - CD

Contains 10 audio teachings on 11 CDs by Monte Judah, Brad Scott, Ed Harris, Daniel Musson, and Daniel McGirr. Recorded LIVE from the Shavuot - Day of Proclamation conference in Norman, OK hosted by Lion & Lamb Ministries.

  1. Erev Shavuot by Monte Judah
  2. Shavuot Morning by Monte Judah
  3. Oaths by Daniel McGirr
  4. What is Kedushah? by Daniel McGirr
  5. The Kingdom Inside of You by Ed Harris
  6. Unity by Ed Harris
  7. Salty Fruit by Daniel Musson
  8. Thursday Night Teaching by Brad Scott
  9. Friday Night Teaching by Brad Scott
  10. Breakout Teaching (Parts 1-2) by Brad Scott

11 Audio CDs

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Type: CD

Vendor: Lion and Lamb Ministries