The Jonah Mystery - Changing God's Judgments

The Jonah Mystery explains how common, everyday people can alter God's judgments, even when they deserve to be judged. This book reveals the message of repentance (Hebrew teshuvah) in a way that you have never understood before. The Jonah Mystery identifies the keys to spiritual transformation, with lessons for today, and guidance for tomorrow. It also unlocks the shocking reasons why Jonah wanted to avoid God's mission to Nineveh. Answers to some of the world's great mysteries are buried in the story of Jonah. The book is packed with miracles, and rich biblical symbols. Seven principles in the Jonah Mystery form a Menorah pattern and unfold through the language of its seven branches. Michelangelo used Jonah's mysteries to encode secret information in the Sistine Chapel. This life-changing book includes: Symbolism of water and trees; Twelve Signs of Jonah which relate to Jesus (Yeshua); Michelangelo's secret message to the church; Effect of names on destiny; Deeper meaning of Hebrew letters and numbers; and Applying the Four levels of scripture, peshat, remez, drash and sod (92 Pages)

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